Project Dignidad

Project Dignidad: Working to Feed the Hungry since 1976

Established in 1976, Project Dignidad is an ecumenical ministry that provides food in emergency situations to individuals and families. As a co-sponsor of Project Dignidad, Good Shepherd members serve on the organization’s board and regularly volunteer when help is needed. Project Dignidad is located at 313 W. Ave. N. in San Angelo.

United Campus Ministries

Deacon Gary Sanford has reported that on a regular basis they have 60 students for lunch on Wednesdays. This group has also started taking field trips and become an active part of San Angelo and ASU. We are committed to providing an alternative presence on campus where all students are made to feel welcome and where there is respectful exchange of ideas among people of faith. Find UCM at 2453 Dena Dr., across the street from the Cavness Science Building on the Angelo State University campus

Daily Bread Soup Lunch Program

Open 11am – 1pm, Monday – Saturday, and on most holidays, the “Soup Kitchen” feeds as many as 175 people or more daily, with the average patron eating three or more servings of hot food, as well as cold beverages, crackers or bread, and dessert or fresh fruit. We provided over 47,000 meals to more than 18,000 patrons in 1999. We served over 50,000 meals in 2014.

Recognizing that many of our patrons feel especially isolated during the Christmas and other seasonal holidays, the Soup Kitchen remains open on most holidays and serves special holiday meals for its patrons. A full-course meal, gifts for the children (donated by members of Wesley Trinity and other sponsors), and other activities help to brighten the season for our patrons.